Keep it simple...

If you can teach just 3 of your PSA's to buy 125 TCredits on auto delivery and they teach 3 of their PSA's to buy 125 TCredits on auto delivery and they get 3 who buy 125 TCredits, you would have a downline of 39. (Level 1 - 3, Level 2 - 9, Level 3 - 27) If you don't know where to advertise go HERE. Our free to join Team Rotator can also help you to do this.

This ensures everyone in the group has at least Executive Affiliate (EA) status. Even free members can do this, but if they can't afford to buy, they will need to sell items from the TripleClicks marketplace or find the money elsewhere in order to make this work as shown below. I have and still use SuperPay Me & Free Crypto to get free money to help pay to do this.

On your first level you would earn $3.53 direct commission for each of your 3 PSA, thats $10.59

You would also earn $0.71 on everyone within your group, which is a further $27.69 ($0.71 x 39)

This is a total $38.28 less your auto delivery cost of $36.25 leaving $2.03

Effectively if you can do this it would cost you nothing financially. Once this has been achieved you have completed the little picture and provided all of those that are following this business model continue with their buying and teaching the BIG PICTURE will take care of its self.

And now for the magic...

Under the new compression payplan, you don't even need the 39 individuals to even fall within your first 3 levels, they could be anywhere within team and get compressed up at the end of the month provided you have achieved EA rank during the month.

If you see that others are following your plan you just do whatever it takes to get enough VP to move up through the ranks as your compressed levels show EA's falling in what would be your 4th compressed level or lower in your team. (BTL pays you on 6 compressed levels, STL on 8 compressed levels, GTL on 10 compressed levels, PTL on 11 compressed levels and DTL on 12 compressed levels.)

Build your downlines deep and your earnings stand to rise substantially. The focus here is to get leaders downline focused so they are building productive teams that are profitable below them.

Yet even more magic...

You'll earn CSAs each month when you go EA (via CSA Rewards). They can also be won in Pricebenders auctions or acquired via Rewardical redemption. And there are two other ways to earn CSAs via CSA Rewards (being a Booster Club member and being an E365 champion).

The absolute main reason for a 4-co-sponsor system, is so 4x as many CSAs can be given to new affiliates, which incentivizes them to go EA and stay EA each month. And, this of course, means you'll gain more active team members and grow your business much easier!

Each of these CSA's could be worth $1.41 or more to you every month and you can get them for no additional cost - This has got to be worth going for!